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Anime Stuff For Sale

Anime For Sale
I've been putting a few Sailor Moon things up on ebay! Check them out!

Rare Sailor Moon Music Box!  (Direct Link To It)

Home-made plushies by me can be found under the cut!
(If interested in any pictures that I haven't included, please let me know and I'll get them to you!)

Tenchi Muyo - Washu Plush
Tenku No Escaflowne - Merle and Von Fanel Plush
Nights Into Dreams - Reala Plush
Death Note - L Plush
Fruits Basket - Hatsuharu Sohma Plush

( Picture Inside Of Plushies Mentioned Above ^ )
Sailor Moon Stars - Yaten Plush (Direct Link To It)

Sailor Moon Stars - Yaten Cosplaying Wig
 Sailor Moon - Nehelenia Wig

Pokemon Lot - (Best Offer)
Comes along with -
2 Pokemon plushies
A Pikachu head Plush
Made By Me
And a Pachirisu Hat
Also Made By Me
The hat fits a small child around 7
maybe age of 10
This Lot also comes with
Some Pokemon Holigraphic Cards
and Yugioh as well as Digimon
The count of cards in this lot is
950 mixed all together along with Digimon and

7 Pokemon VHS - 
The Sisters Of Cerulean City
Fighting Tournament
Totally Togepi
The Great Race
I Choose You! Pikachu!
 4 POKEMON guide books
Pokemon Ruby version
Pokemon FireRed  LeafGreen Version
Special Pikachu Edition Red-Yellow-Blue
Pokemon Crystal Version
2 Pokemon toys
Clafable and some plant one i dont know xD
i forgot the little guys name.
And last but not least
1 Pokemon Emerald Version
1 The Jungle Book
Game for Nintendo Ds
Both used but works perfectly  --
Though I prefer to sell it complete as a lot, I'm WILLING to sell things seperately! JUST MAKE AN OFFER!
if you want to see more stuff and information
go here on my LJ page

I also take commissions so if there is anything you would like
(A plushie, for example), I will try to make them for you
so please do not hesitate! If you have any questions about my items
or if there is a plushie you would like me to make for you just message me! ^^

More examples of my plushes: HERE!


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